Supplements and deductions


Supplements and deductions registrations are registered via the Supplements and deductions API and the payroll run they are marked as archived and are not included into the following payroll runs.

In order for a hour registration to be created you need to provide the following information:

  • User(employee)
  • Supplements and deductions rate
  • Number of units

Supplements and deductions API supports:

Registrations are not included in the payroll if the status of the registration is not Approved.
Only users with elevated roles are allowed to set status Approve to a registration.
Employees are allowed to create registration only with pending status.
After registration is processed in a payroll and payroll is completed the state of the registration is set to Archived.

Name ID Description
Pending 0 Registration is pending for approval, it will not be included in payroll
Approved 1 Registration is approved, and it will be included in payroll
Rejected 2 Registration is in pending status, it will not be included in payroll and status cannot be changed
Archived 3 Registration is archived after processing in a payroll run and status cannot be changed
ManuallyArchived 4 Registration is archived by the user without being processed in a payroll

Supplement and Deduction rate

Supplement and Deduction rate is essential for registrations in Zenegy. In order for registration to be created, first rate has to be present in the system. When creating the registration the UID of the registration is required property in the registration.

The rate is used for controlling the following properties:

  • Type - Based on the type the payroll engine can determine how to calculate the amount. In payroll Denmark hours are calculated as supplements before tax(with or without ATP). In other Zenegy payroll engines the calculation is done based on the wage code settings
  • Name - Name is used for describing the rate and also this text will be shown on the payslip
  • Number - Number is required and it has to be unique in the company. Number is used for easier referencing to the rates.
  • Unit rate - This is the default amount per unit of the rate(property paymentPerRate). If overrideRate is set to true this amount can be set on the registration if not the unit price of the rate will be used
  • Access - By default rate can be applied to all users and all users can register hours on the rate. But in some cases if rate should be limited to specific group or list of users this can be archived with setting the access properties on the rate

Zenegy supports multiple types of supplements and deductions:

Name ID Description
Supplement before tax 1 Amount added before tax, full amount is taxed
Supplement after tax 2 Amount added to after tax, amount is not taxed
Deduction after tax 3 Amount deducted after tax
Travel allowance 4 Amount is added before tax and reported as travel allowance to SKAT
Payment of vacation 5 ------
Payment of bonus 6 ------
Anniversary bonus 7 ------
Redundancy compensation 8 ------
Deduction before tax 9 ------
B-Income with contributions 10 B-Income amount payment with contributions
B-Income without contributions 11 B-Income amount payment without contributions
Contribution before tax 12 Contribution before tax included in vacation salary but not included in pension gross
Reimbursement of Expenses 13 Supplement after tax, amount is not taxed
Deduction of Am-income 14 Deduction of am income without vacation and pension - Brutto without vacation money reduction
Supplement w/o pension and w/o vacation 15 Contribution of am income without vacation and pension
Expense 16 Contributions of expenses - Overwritten rate with units is set to one unit (unit must be with value one)
Deduction before tax with out vacation 17 ------
Mileage 18 he amount is equal to the mileage (km), is always low mileage and the total amount is delivered to eIncome as the mileage amount.
Sickleave 19 before tax supplement for sick leave without pension
SH 20 Holiday payment supplement(SH) payment
FreeChoice 21 Free choice(Fritvalg) payment
Deduction after tax for employee payment 22 Deduction after tax that can be paied out to specific bank account
Payment of free vacation days 24 Supplement before tax - Free vacation days(feriefridage)
Christmas gifts benefit 25 Benefit #1 - Christmas gifts
Other benefit 26 Benefit #2 - Other benefit
Payment of vacation money 27 Supplement before tax - Payment of vacation money
Travel allowance w/o payment 28 Travel allowance w/o payment. Value is reported to SKAT but not paid to the employee. This should be used if 3rd party is handling the payment
Unemployment benefit 29 Unemployment benefit
Sickness benefit 30 Sickness benefit


In order for registration to be created you need to provide uid of a rate and uid of a user to which the registration will be registered. In user is the user that is connected to the employee for which the registration is created.

Employees can be pull as list from the following endpoint