Hour registrations are registered via the Hours api and the payroll run they are marked as archived and are not included into the following payroll runs.

In order for a hour registration to be created you need to provide the following information:

  • User(employee)
  • Date of the driving
  • From address
  • To address
  • Total kilometers

Mileage API supports:

Mileage registrations are not included in the payroll if the status of the registration is not Approved.
Only users with elevated roles are allowed to set status Approve to a registration.
Employees are allowed to create registration only with pending status.
After registration is processed in a payroll and payroll is completed the state of the registration is set to Archived.

Name ID Description
Pending 0 Registration is pending for approval, it will not be included in payroll
Approved 1 Registration is approved, and it will be included in payroll
Rejected 2 Registration is in pending status, it will not be included in payroll and status cannot be changed
Archived 3 Registration is archived after processing in a payroll run and status cannot be changed
ManuallyArchived 4 Registration is archived by the user without being processed in a payroll

From and to address are required and has to have the text of the address. They can include geolocation information but this is not mandatory.


In order for registration to be created you need to provide absence type and uid of a employee to which the registration will be registered.

Employees can be pull as list from the the payroll API(s):

  • Payroll Denmark list of employee can be pulled here