Create an app

Before starting working on a integration with Zenegy you are required to register your application. You can register your application here

Configure Your Application

Before starting with authentication you need to sign up for application. You need to supply application and company relevant information.

Parameter Description Required
Company GUID Id of the company account that will be your developer account. If you don't have company account yet you need to sign up first. Yes
App name Name of the application. This name will show in the authorization window. Yes
App description Description of your application. If published to the application market this will be show as details. Yes
Install url Valid URL link that user will be redirected to when he wants to install the app. No
Redirect url Valid URL link(s) that will be used as redirect urls in the authentication flows. URL has to be absolute, secure(https), url arguments are ignored and wild card urls are possible ex. https//*. At least one URL is required if you want to use authorization code flow. No

Zenegy will provide you with a unique Client ID and Client Secret. Make note of these values as they have to be integrated into the configuration files or the actual code of your application. Example:

Parameter Value
Client ID 8f1f13bc250846109acfd5fc2fe6deec
Client Secret YzFmZGRlZjZmYTA5NDcxM2FiMjlkZTYyMWY4NjEzYzY

Production and sandbox are separate environments and you need different apps for both of the environments